For Honor Beta

Article about For Honor Open Beta release.

Official release date of For Honor PS4, PC and Xbox game is 14th of February but developers of the game have presented a For Honor open beta so everyone would get a chance to play some parts of the game before this date. There have been some speculations around the For Honor beta release date, but now it’s official - For Honor beta release date is February 9. In case you are interested in this game and wondering how to play For Honor Beta - the answer is plain simple. All you have to do is to open Uplay and start the pre-load version of the game. Last time a lot of users were concerned about how to play For Honor Beta, but now it is much easier and you will surely figure it out yourself. For Honor beta download will take some time and then the game will start automatically.

It is important not to forget that For Honor beta requires a special key in order to play. There are two ways to get into For Honor beta  - someone who is already playing the game can send you an invitation or you have to provide a valid For Honor beta key. Now if you don’t know no one playing the game, you need to get the key. But how to do that? Well, it is possible to receive For Honor beta key from various websites that ask you to perform some so-called ‘quests’ in order to get the key. This way you will be able to successfully access For Honor beta game

For Honor Beta

For Honor open beta is one of the most awaited games of 2017, thus there are a lot of For Honor open beta news on the Internet. Some of them are legitimate while some should be considered as speculations. That’s why we recommend trying For Honor open beta gameplay yourself. Even though it is not a full version of the game and some really important assets are still missing, you could get an all-around taste of the game by playing For Honor open beta.

Spoiler alert: beta version of the game will include elimination, dominion, duel and brawl game modes. In the beta version you will be allowed to play with 9 different heroes. In comparison, For Honor game will contain 12 heroes and 5 game modes, so as you can see the beta version is quite an impressive one.