For Honor trailer

For Honor trailer review and professional insight.

One year has passed, since Ubisoft Montreal published very first “For Honor” trailer. Surprisingly, today, it has almost four million views as well as nearly 6000 comments. Why are we so amazed? We always knew that there are thousands, who enjoy playing such as an action games, however, we could not imagine that their number may cross the line of 4 million! Without no doubt, For Honor made an excellent trailer that revealed some of the basic details allowing to make a first impression what the game For Honor is gonna look like in general. 

For Honor official trailer: detailed review

Taking the very first video into consideration, it shows the most intriguing moments of the battle, where the main For Honor characters are revealed. In the video, you can clearly see all three groups of fighters. More precisely, the Knights, Vikings and also Samurai fighting against each other. For Honor trailer that you can see far below the text, first of all brings frightening, however strong emotions. For Honor trailer music, intense battle as well as gameplay of For Honor in general, grabs the attention by one hundred percent. In the video, everything goes so fast that also requires special focus. For instance, the very begging starts with a view of the blood and rough fight, where previously mentioned Knights begin the battle with a great confidence and willingness to win no matter how many lives will be sacrificed.

For Honor trailer

As it was typical during the ancient times, For Honor official trailer released in 2015 depict wild, however, gorgeous nature and world, where war took a first place. In some aspects the environment in the game might look kind of scary, dark and fearsome. However, the developers and creators of the game did a great job by preparing most amazing graphics and special effects. Actually, the special effects were the essential detail, which transformed this game to super realistic. Moreover, the view that portrays a daytime, reveals unspeakable beauty of the nature, where breathtaking and powerful mountains, waterfalls and rivers are showed from the most beautiful perspective. Moreover, the environment is also filled with gloomy forests, with many different castles and towers in it. 

As it is important, this video also represents each faction and shows their fighting skills as well as an approach to the war. Obviously, they all have only one goal - to win against their opponents, by occupying the kingdoms. What is the importance of this all? The winners of the world's largest battle will have the ability to enjoy the eternal victory as well as be the best ones. Actually, this gameplay kind of reminds one of the most popular TV show Game of Thrones, where different tribes and families fight against each other to win the throne.

Even though, the very first For Honor trailer revealed many great details about the gameplay and characters in general, the information was too narrow. After the developers of the game has actually realized this problem, they instantly released many more great trailers that each was based on different stories. Such as short videos from the battlefield, a little bit wider demos about each faction and intro videos about weapon usage as well. 

Two For Honor trailers we are most excited about

Today we have many great videos that speaks for this amazing video game, we mostly enjoy two of them. The first one is called “For Honor Cinematic Story Trailer”. We uploaded the video below.

In our opinion, this trailer is the one that perfectly represents the basic idea of the game. Even the very first seconds make you immerse into the gameplay so much, that it becomes hard to distinguish reality from the game in general. The trailer starts when peaceful and wonderful nature begins to fall down without any signs to be rebuilt ever again. Suddenly, instead of a peaceful world appears dark and gloomy lands full of fearsome warriors who are willing to kill anyone who dares to overstep their land. Although such a view might cause a shock or it can look too frightening this is the reality of the game. Later in the video, you can see one of the Vikings, trying to recover after a desperate fight. Unfortunately, he was suddenly attacked by one of the greatest enemy - Samurai. Here, begins the most crucial battle. Battle, that actually announced the beginning of a long lasting war. Considering the further story of the trailer, you can see one more warrior from Knights faction joining the fight. We are not sure if this part of the trailer is the best one for you, however we enjoy it so much! The emotions, confusion and of course hidden fear to be killed is what makes the whole video be so freaking cool. 

The second video that we have mentioned slightly above was actually released just a few days ago. 

So far, it is the most dependable trailer from all, since it was made, based on the latest news of For Honor. First and foremost, it begins with a scary view, where one of the Vikings is being killed by the Knights without expecting any mercy. What we were most impressed about is specific For Honor trailer music and graphics that makes the whole video so convincing. Not to mention, For Honor video game trailer shows every different faction fighter from the closest view so far. You can finally see even the smallest details of their clothing, For Honor weapons, castles and even flags. After Knights was presented as ruthless and powerful fighters the story continues with one more fraction called Samurai. According to a video, Samurai are fearless and disciplined worries, who are extremely devoted to their lords. Last but not least, the in the video you can see a short introduction about the most heartbreaking ones - Vikings. As it was expected, the Vikings seems to be the most powerful ones, since their appearance is even hard to be described.

However, the main intrigue of this video begins immediately after all the fractions are presented. More precisely, For Honor official trailer presents the beginning of relentless war, where all the fractions gather to fight against each other. To tell who have the highest probability of winning is nearly impossible, since all of them have different skills and weakness. 

Summarizing all these impressive and quite detailed For Honor trailers, we can come up with a great conclusion. From our point of view, Ubisoft Montreal did a great job by releasing all these amazing videos, since all of them has something important to say. Thanks to them, we can finally have a great impression what the game is gonna look like. Of course, most of the details still remain a secret and they will be revealed only after the game will be published in 2017. 

For Honor official trailer