For Honor characters

More information about all For Honor game characters.

It is definitely not the first time, we write about For Honor characters. We have mentioned most of them in the previous articles, however, we still have some important information left. For instance, you might know the basic details about For Honor factions and their classes. But do you know how and why all of them were chosen? We are quite sure you have no idea and this is completely normal. Even thought For Honor has a huge about of fans, its creators do not provide with a sufficient amount of information.

Trying to find out as much details as possible, we have made a deep research all over the internet. We can’t say we found all the answers to the question we had, however we certainly did our best. So starting from the very beginning, we found an amazing video uploaded to YouTube on August 5, 2015. We fully understand that today is 2017, and the information uploaded to the video might be old. However, this is our favorite video, since it explains the most important details and game story in general. Also, the video presents the main developers of For Honor and their attitude to the game.

What was the main founder of For Honor and who really contributes to game development?

First of all, according to the video, For Honor wouldn’t be ever created without the main developer and ideas generator Jason VandenBerghe. This man dreamed about this game for most of his life. However, he wasn’t able to show For Honor for the rest of the world, because he couldn’t find reliable and hard working team for many years. Thanks to Ubisoft Montreal, in less than 2 months we will finally be able to play one of the most impressive game ever created. However, don’t think, that the whole development of the game was so easy. Definitely not. It was very hard and a lot of efforts requiring process, which lasted more than 3 years from now. Not to mention, in the very beginning, the game was conducted by a team of 15 people. After just a couple of months, more 15 people joined the group and today the team consists of more than 150 people in total. We really cannot predict what you think about such a fast growing, but we are completely sure, it was the best choice they could ever make. Just imagine how the game is gonna look like, when it was created by 150 professionals? What we expect is high quality and unprecedented novelty.

Male and female characters in For Honor

Going even deeper into the video you see above, we really liked some of the ideas, told by Jason VandenBerghe and other people from Ubisoft Montreal team. Mostly we enjoyed these words: “When I say Knight, Viking or Samurai? I am not asking you what your favorite is, I am asking you what you value”. First of all, it made us understand that For Honor game characters should be chosen only by what you value. As he explains later on, people, who choose a Samurai, most probably value skill, mastery and honor. The ones, who choose a Vikings value freedom, expression and celebration, enthusiasm. And the last ones you choose to go for a Knights value culture, defense and kind of generosity. The thing is, the decision you take while picking For Honor characters shows your personality and your belief. What’s more, even before For Honor female or male characters was created, it was already decided that the game will focus on three main factions, including Vikings, Samurai and Knights that each will be divided into four different For Honor classes. However, to find the answer why all these specific factions were chosen was really hard. According to some gaming websites, Jason developed all these characters not without a reason. As the most important point, he wanted to bring very different factions, which each would have different passions, believes and fighting techniques. In a word, he wanted to create a unique game rather than simple, usual storyline having fighting game. 

Despite the fact that this game isn’t released yet, it has the biggest support from our side.