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For Honor tips and tricks, advices.

Obviously, it’s hard to reveal all the possible tips and tricks that can be used in an upcoming video game For Honor. Firstly, the game isn’t released yet, secondly Ubisoft Montreal tends not to disclose all the secrets in order to let gamers find out most of the fighting tips themselves. Actually, we perfectly understand such a decision, however, we want to make a short list that would help you get to know some of the tricks today. Not to mention, For Honor gameplay seems to have more than one genre. It means, that all the tips can’t be actually revealed without having an actual game in front of you. However, we will try to do our best. Read further, to find out For Honor tips and tricks.

Blocking the opponents, while making the best stances

To begin with, the very first For Honor tips are all about the movements and blocking. As it is really exciting, each character in the game will have three different positions they will be able to attack from. Including: going left, right or even up. There are also the same options for blocking. However, what you really need to know, is that successful blocking requires some knowledge. During the match you will need to use the Right Analog Stick in order to change your position. More precisely, such an action will allow to switch your stance to the same like your opponent’s. First of all, it will allow to create a good defence. Second of all, it will help to stay safe from possible opponent attack. All in all, if you will not use the Right Anlog Stick, you might be hurt or even worse, killed. Moreover, if you decide to beat the opponent in one turn, just remember to stay in one stance until you attack. Then, immediately change your stance to a different one. 

Movements that create specific positions and Environment

Giving you the best For Honor tips ideas, we want to make sure you will use them right. In this case, we want to speak about the movement aspect. First of all, positioning your body, plays the most important part in For Honor. Once you enter the battlefield, you must be extremely careful, because your enemies can hide just behind your back. Not to mention, most of the opponents are really strong and they can kill without letting you say the last word. So, remember, do not have your back to all the murderers if you want to keep alive or win the battle. 

What’s more, don’t be afraid to make some instant actions. Start running if its needed or turn around more than once to make sure you have no enemies trying to attack you. Last but not least, don’t forget to keep a close eye on an enemie you probably have killed. Why? He can simply recover and assault you at the most unexpected moment. 

For Honor tips