For Honor character customization

Be the first to know all the character and weapon customization options in "For Honor".

Already a year ago, we noticed that people became really interested about For Honor characters and weapons customization abilities. However, at that time there was no specific information about such thing. Only today we have enough news, which needs to be told immediately.

First and foremost, For Honor character customization seemed to be impossible. The reason for this, was already created characters that each had their own look, different skills and uniqueness. However, we were completely wrong. Just a few months ago we found two really great videos uploaded to YouTube that explains everything from point to point.

What are the basic For Honor character customization options?

We are not going to torture any longer. We are really glad to confirm that For Honor character customization options will work! That means, that you will have the ability to choose your most favorite warrior and change some of his appearance details. Starting from the very beginning, first, you will have to choose this body structure. Including such an option like slim, slim, thick, muscular and athletic body. Unfortunately, we are not sure if you will be able to change his face. Probably not. However, you will be able to improve your warrior look by changing the colors of this outfit. A huge variety of patterns, color palette, body art, scars and tattoos will be also included. Not to mention, you will need to choose the sex of your character. To tell you the truth, we were really happy about such a choice, because it shows that sex cannot influence your fighting. More precisely, the game confirms the fact, that women can be can be just as good fighter as any men. All in all, character customization in the game will be definitely possible, however For Honor character creation is not confirmed yet. Most probably, such an option will not be possible at all and it is fair enough.

For Honor character customization

If you want to see how the whole process of character customization is gonna look like, watch the video bellow.

As you already watched For Honor the video about character appearance changes, let's speak about the possibility to customize the weapons. Quite differently than changing a character, changing a weapon will be more easy and it will have more opportunities. Actually, you will be even able to customize your weapon to a new one. Changing its colors, shape and style in general will show your individuality and approach to the war. Moreover, while improving the sword or any kind of weapon you will also have an opportunity to choose its power, upgrade it and etc.

For Honor weapon customization