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Finally, it is the best time to speak about an upcoming video game “For Honor”, which will be released on February 14, 2017. To be clear, For Honor is an action game that focuses on the most impressive fights between different type of historical roles. The game was first time announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, 2015, where we all found out that the game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and will be published in collaboration with Ubisoft. As it is already clear, For honor game will come out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox one and For Honor PC as well.

The main gameplay and characters in For Honor

Beginning with the most important part, For Honor features a hand to hand combat system that can be simpler explained as “The Art of battle”. The distinctive world, which was created for this game is brutal and full of war. However, the action is held in a wonderful Wildlands that has the most beautiful landmarks and also ancient castles which was typical of that period of time. More precisely, For Honor video game is based on times that was a Millennium ago. Taking the period of this game into consideration, the developers of the game also created a three different group of roles: Medieval knights, Vikings and Samurai. All these characters that were basically resurrected from the ashes will have one and the most important goal. They will try to fight until the last breath, in order to restore their nations. Why? Such a victory will help to get all the glory that their fathers had.

The choice of characters that you will pick in order to control the game, is totally opt to you. All heroes have their own skills as well as a weakness that actually makes them special and unique. Brave Knights, harsh Vikings or fearsome Samurais are all a good choice, since they all fight for their own convictions. Moreover, “For Honor” will see the daylight being fully updated, meaning, it will have a perfectly managed map as well as tricky missions.

For Honor weapons, classes and other gameplay news

For Honor game

Not to mention, as a player, everyone will have the ability to fight against their enemies with their favorite war assets. There will be a wide range of different For Honor weapons, swords and knives such as katana and etc. In addition, during the fights, players will gain extra feats that might be also called perquisites. Such an extra gain will allow players to get more points as well as strength. Not to mention, all these points will help to fight at the best performance, recover in the case of injury or deal with the upcoming mission in general.

Coming back to the choice of fighters, there is one more thing you need to remember. Whether you decide to choose Samurai, Knights or Vikings, you will not have to pick the same ones all the time, in order to show your affection. Your choice will be able to vary every time you decide to play the game again. Actually, your choice will only show how you want to see yourself as a fighter in the game. What really matters is a hero For Honor class that will make a significant impact to your playing style. As all three types of factions are really different they each has their own prototype. 

According to the latest “For honor” 2016 news, the game is highly devastating, however, its For Honor gameplay seems to be quite simple. What we are really satisfied about is the game visuals and graphics that make the game so realistic and fresh. However, speaking about the gameplay we have a two-sided opinion. The fact that its gameplay doesn’t have much difficulty, is a good feature, since it makes the game be appropriate for young age gamers too. However, thirsty players might not understand such a choice as they were expecting something more intriguing. Anyway, as we mentioned before, the game will present extremely good graphics, which actually is a key point. In short about the gameplay, For Honor will be based on following actions. During the game, you will be able to fight, against your enemies, kill them by using special light attacks or block their movements. However, the greatest attention will be paid to how you block. To click the attack button will not be enough. You will have to choose your fighting direction and technique. If you make a bad decision, you will die even before the last breath. Moreover, time also plays an important role in this fighting game. In order to gain extra points and keep yourself alive, you will have to kill the opponent as fast as possible. Wasted time - faster death.

For Honor video game

Actual For Honor game release

For Honor was finally released! Together with its release, many different comments and reviews have came out too. But what is your opinion about For Honor game? Do you enjoy playing it?

Speaking from professional perspective, FOR HONOR did a great job by bringing new and never seen fights. It is a brilliant fighting game that involves three different factions: Vikings, Samurai and Knights, who plays the major part in the game in general. The game reminds medieval warfare, however it has much stronger content and idea of fight. As most game fans were expecting, For Honor video game has brought an amazing battles and fighting abilities that makes the game so special.

Moves, such as dodges, parries, guard breaks and others are the main factor for staying alive or creating strong traps for the enemy. Making each of them even more perfected and trained, makes you better as a fighter. As it is easily understandable, For Honor Open Beta release was also focused on a different kind of battle. In the other words, they fulfilled their promise to bring a highly perfected video game, where fight doesn’t mean kicking and killing people without no reason. The game shows strong faith and completely different traditions of each fraction. They do not fight because of fun, they fight because they want to live and rule the World as best as they can.

For Honor game

However, For Honor 2017 is not an easy content video game. It provokes the aggression and fear a lot! Playing the game, you really want to win the battles so you do your best to kill everyone, who cross your path. Unfortunately, courage and energy is not enough in order to win. You need to dispatch your enemy before another fighter come and kills you. You can throw a spanner, prong with your sword or use your body force, thinking it will work.

Another major thing that should be discussed, when we speak about For Honor open Beta, is blocking mechanics. They are not easy. Vice versa, they are really hard to perform and understand. The moment your worst enemy attacks you, you have very less possibilities to escape, since other foes comes to surround you. Being surrounded by two, three or even four enemies are the worst ending. In such case, no blocking mechanics works. You are simply killed faster than you raise the hand with the shield in it, prepared for the defense. For this reason, you need to consider every step very carefully. You can’t run and attack the foe if it’s not safe. No matter you want in or not. It is always better to overfeed and enter the battlefield with a strong assault, which would prevent from death.


Another important aspect is the real meaning of the word Battle in For Honor. As Ubisoft explains, For Honor game is guided by “Art of Battle” system. Being more precise, Ubisoft has created an amazing For Honor single player game that highlights the beauty of the fight. Press the lock on button and three piece shield will appear on your computer or TV screen presenting the directions you should beware from. Want to attack your enemy? Hold the lock on button and move the right stick to the left. It seems too simple to be done, yes? Maybe. But the truth is completely different.

In order to make every battle as beautiful and professional as possible, Ubisoft made some important rules everyone should follow. You can’t fight using your instincts only. It is all about making every special move as beautiful and exact as you can. Every, untimely made spin or stroke can cause the death or at least serious injury.

For Honor video game

Not to mention, when you get into real time battle, you suddenly realize that the tutorial and all the trailer published by Ubisoft was a peace of cake... When you start to fight yourself, other players change their tactics in the middle of the fight and you feel completely tricked. Your strength, self-confidence and great defense starts to decrease and you immediately start to feel as a loser. More specifically, you need to learn how to fight and gain as many skills as possible. Only constant practice can improve your skills and make the game easier.

Last but not least, “Art Of Battle” mostly appears when you have to show your own strategy. It can come as easily done a row of kicks or long-considered attack. All that matters is your ability to respond to accidental and not planned enemy aggression or attack. Watch For Honor 360° Trailer: In the Heart of Battle, which is linked below and see how a brutal and unexpected fight can get.